1. Are you currently open for new positions?

Not at the moment, thank you. Read the remaining points before contacting me, please.

2. What kind of positions are you interested in?

Lead frontend developer or lead mobile developer. Check the technologies in 6.

3. Are you open for fulltime positions?

If available (check 1.), yes. But also open for consultant positions, based on an hourly fee.

4. Are you looking to relocate?

Not at the moment. For the time being, I am planning to stay in Copenhagen.

5. Are you open for remote positions?

Very much indeed, depending on my availability in 1.

6. What technologies are you working on?

React and React Native.

7. Can you send me your CV?

Please use linkedin to download it. It's always up-to-date.

8. I tried to call you but to no success. When can I call you?

The best is to schedule a call beforehand. If your requests meets the above criteria, I'm glad to talk!

9. The company I'm representing/working for says they've been approached by another recruiter, saying they represent you.

I am sorry that has happened, however it's something I can't control. I am not represented by any recruiter.