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  • As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working on extracting stats from my jobs' feed at Upwork.com. The goal is to understand which are the most sought-out data science and data engineer skills. I’m building an ETL pipeline for this. If this is something that you’d be interested in - whether for Data Science or not - ping me on twitter.

  • The reason why math and programming go hand-in-hand: math_and_coding

  • Remember to check the most popular Reddit posts this week on data-related boards. 👇

🔮 Data Science

  • Free ebook! “Introduction to Probability for Data Science” by Stanley Chan. Download here.

  • NLP: How to train BERT for Q&A. link

  • FooDI-ML: a new large-scale multi-language dataset that contains over 1.5M unique images and over 9.5M store names, product names descriptions, and collection sections. link

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