I’m a Data Scientist and Data Engineer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have 10+ years of Software Engineering experience and 4+ years of consulting experience. My profile fits in a business-oriented Data Scientist and is less academic - I value real-world, hands-on experience and understanding customer’s needs.

I have a pragmatic approach to improving a product: small iterations to validate ideas. I’m constantly finding new ways to determine how can Data Science/AI improve a product and I help companies doing so.

Through my software engineering skills and experience, I bring a unique capacity for delivering data science products, from its model conception/architecture to production. I believe there’s no incorrect data, only improper questions to that data.

Having created different companies and lead teams over the years allows me to bring high-quality communication skills to the table and a will to handle and tackle risk head-on. I’ve also profoundly embraced pragmatism and excellent product quality.

I have a course certification in Machine Learning from DTU (Denmark) and an M.Sc. in Engineering (UNL, Portugal). These allowed having a solid foundation for tackling all the challenges above.

As a tech writer, podcast host, community maintainer, and homemade cluster computer builder, my community involvement is an expression of the passion I place in every project I embrace.